What We Do


Our Programs


Operate Mini-IT-Centre that offers professional ICT training to unemployed youths that will enable be self-employed, skills needs in growing industries etc.


Our Mini-IT-Centers and Mobile-ICT-Unit equally offer opportunities for empower women with Skills necessary to work from home and promote their activities etc.


We affiliate with stakeholders of strategic public sectors like education and health to offer necessary ICT Skills to employees.


Promoting special school curriculum (National Culture and Computer Studies) and extra-curriculum activities like ICT, Journalism and Fine Arts Clubs etc.


We promote and encourage community volunteering through volunteers; and equally offer professional services to community development sectors.


With the pilot phase launched in Ngambe-Tikar, the community benefited from a series of essential needs in education, health and pipe-born water facilities.


Rebuilding schools’ structures and schools’ environment as well as enabling access to learning resources like books and ICTs - computers etc.


These are community based mini-multi-media centers with documentation, media and learning facilities; access to internet, digital library resources etc.


This is a locally design unit with essential ICT tools for outreach services that enable rural locals to have access to ICT services on periodic visit.


We are developing several communication for development networks such as ‘Agro-Info-System’; Talk Health Channel; and ‘Cultural Affair 2.0’.


Our resource-base-initiative to assist non-profit organizations and local governments to exploit digital technology for management and service provision as well as good governance.


Promoting by organizing and celebrating as well as advocacy for public events - TechShow, UN Days; that create positive impact to the masses.


Through our volunteering (WWB) and advocacy services; we reach out to persons (IDPs and Refugees) of crisis affected communities such as Cameroonian Refugees in Nigeria.