Since 2004 we have been collecting lessons created by volunteers and storing them online. As technology has progressed we have set up a safe and secure system to support our school. Microsoft has gifted us an Azure server to store our data and we use Moodle an interactive world renowned Learning Management System. Students have their own login details and can enrol in the correct courses as they develop at our school. We are always on the look out for new lessons or great ideas so if you are interested in getting involved you are welcome to email or WhatsApp to find out more head to the contacts page. We have staff in Nigeria, England and the Middle-East who will be happy to assist you. 


We have courses in; Economics, History, Geography, French, Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, English Literature, Logic, Accounting, Commerce, Physical Education, Music, Religion, Home Economics, Computer Science, Geology, Philosophy, Food Science, ICT, Hygiene, Civics, Typing, Agriculture, Accounting. We always welcome more to our school. 

A trip to the past, this was the cyber cafe back in 2008.

Sadly due to conflict in Cameroon we had to leave our beloved cyber cafe and move to a refugee camp in Nigeria. However here we are developing TechCeFaCos here in our new setting. We hope to get the cyber cafe up and running again so we can start educating refugees, young and old.