Challenges & Prospects


A-Funds for Management and Project Execution!

Funding continues to be project oriented specific, which makes planning and budgeting ahead very difficult. It is equally challenging to meet with the operational cost and staff salaries.

Funding does not cover salaries before or after the project. We depend on consultancy to raise salaries. With increase in the organization coverage and activities, it is becoming quite cumbersome and challenging to engage in consultancies and we own work at the same time.

B-Staffing for Office and Project Management!

Faced with the challenge of salaries, we recruit young university graduates as volunteers with no skills and rather they are couched, and their capacity built. Once they gain the skills, most of them move to other organization or institutions that can pay them better.


A-Futured Perspective of the Organization

Notwithstanding all these (aforementioned) challenges, we and our partners are still full of steam to forge ahead more than ever before. We hope to intensify our assistance to all needy persons and communities within our area of jurisdiction.

B-Organization Wish-List for Support!

Our will includes the quest for: Office/ICT Equipment and Transportation/Mobility Facilities - Van/Bikes, ICT tools, Internet Kits; as well as Management Funds for the day-to-day management of the organization.