Mission, Vision &Values


TechCeFaCos Group, enhance and foster technological strategies to boost development and humanitarian initiatives that ‘creates sustainable impacts’ base on SDGs.


We envision total transformation of developing communities into emerging communities by 2035; that boost and foster local and mainstream economy into global digital economy.


Our values are intervening strategies that we ensure ‘what we do’; thereby inspiring us in creating sustainable impact!

• Participatory - We involve benefiting communities at all stages of the project so that they can gain full ownership of our intervention.

• Capacity Building - We mainstream capacity building in all our interventions

• Non-discriminatory - we implement her projects regardless of religion, tribe, gender, age, sex, ethnic origin or social status.

• Stakeholder Platforms - we identify all project stakeholders and work in synergy with them at all level of the project.

• Integrated - We strongly believes that isolated actions cannot lead to any meaningful development in a community.