Initiative 3:

Empowering CSO & LGC - Networking and Partnership

Initiative is categorized Civil Society v1.0 being a collaborative governance of CSO on networking and partnership to enhance and foster advocacy, capacity building, tech-support and expertise. This drives sustainable change and generational impact on all development aspects where we work.


Fostering government policies and practices that reflect an awareness and appreciation of the vital economic and social importance of the non-profit community

Capacity Building

Ensuring effective and sustainable in CSO management, thus increasing the potential for charitable nonprofits to enrich lives and solve society's most intractable problems.


As a hi-tech based nonprofit ourselves, we are uniquely and collaboratively qualified to provide technology support as well as resource sharing with other organization via partnership/networking


Availability of our expertise – staffs and volunteers in these aspects of social entrepreneur, coach, trainer and consultant is open to our network partners.

Civil Society 1.0- Aims of Concept!

- To discuss the importance of working together within the national/federal context

- To review types and models of partnerships, including social partnerships

- To explore the development of networking

- To look at the existing debates around Partnerships & networking

- To discuss potential benefits, limits and limitations of relationships

- To consider issues of accountability and shared governance

- To unpack the dynamics of power within relationships

- To understand the link between successful relationships and a strong civil society