Initiative 2:
Empowering Communities - Economic & Community Development

Community Centre Model base on ICT holistic approach as a driving force of development as well as facilitating tool in humanitarian response. This drives sustainable change and generational impact on all development aspects where we work.


What We Do - that is our ‘Programs’ in terms of Concepts and Projects to create sustainable impact base on SDGs!

MPC Centre

We design and set up Multi-purpose Community Centres to open-up communities and improving quality of community life.

-Community Web-Portal

Digital Economy

We transform the core of economy - trade and finance, into digital economy system that has broad impact to emerging.
-Social Enterprise

SRD Initiatives

We are adopting sustainable digital technologies to handle marginalisation and bureaucracy via digital services and e-governance.
-Local Content Development

Development Response

We provide rapid impact response via volunteering services and technological infrastructures that support social and economic services.
-Volunteering Placement

3 Community Centres setup in Kumbo, Ngambe-Tikar and Wabani; serving more than 3million people.

Building a system to replicating online initiatives like KOPERNIK and KIVA for Social Enterprising and Crowdfunding.

Bui Online Community Portal was setup in 2012 and was live for 3 years.

In 2013, we setup a ‘community radio’ in Ngambe-Tikar under our Mini-TeleCentre.

15 communities with more than 2million persons benefited from regalar Mobile Unit services from 2010 - 2013.

56 of our volunteers served 16 institutions, organisations as well as local councils in the Bui Division.

See detials on: ‘2016 Activities Report’ documentation