Aim - Promoting self-reliance and self-dependent of persons and communities using available potential and resources to overcome obstacles that are turn into opportunities to be attain based on SDGs - with supportive objectives as follows:

▪ To enhance digital skill empowerment that can meet with emerging digital economy.

▪ To develop high-end initiatives using IT methods, tools and infrastructures in achieving SDGs.

▪ To bridge the digital divide on socio-economic sectors for both rural and urban communities.

▪ To network agencies, academic institutions and organizations to create a support system on ICT4D to enhance the attainment of SDGs.

▪ To act as a policy advisory body for ICT development for SDGs

▪ To foster sustainable digital economy sectors for rural and urban communities.

▪ To facilitate and conduct various information services relating to promotion of ICT skills that will foster SDGs.