Initiative 1:

Empowering People - Education & Training Initiatives

This program strives to boost knowledge and skills in persons of all ages as pivot in development process of developing communities. This drives sustainable change and generational impact on all development aspects where we work.


What We Do - that is our ‘Programs’ in terms of Concepts and Projects to create sustainable impact base on SDGs!

Basic Education
Vocational Training
IST Program

We promote quality of education by enhancing and fostering ICT as well as National Languages and Cultures in primary educational sector
We coordinate extra-curriculum activities as means to boost up quality education through school clubs and public events in the secondary educational sector
We empower youths with highly demanded professional skills in the labor market as to meet up with the fast and smart transforming economy based on hi-tech.
We offer specific skills training for educational, health and agricultural personnel to meet their job requirement as well as digital challenges.
-Professional Training Centre
-Livelihood Skills Training
-IST4Health Personnel

 We served: 2035 pupils in 39 schools in 7 communities in NW, SW and Adamawa Regions, since 2015 till date!

We served: 1981 students in 24 schools in 4 communities in NW, SW, Adamawa & West Regions since 2015 till date!

We trained: 713 youths in our Integrated Academy of Vocational Education in Kumbo, Bamenda and Douala.

We trained: 418 teachers through our IST program in partners with the NW Regional Delegation of Basic Education.

See detials on: ‘2016Activities Report’documentation!